Bankruptcy Sale

Buying a home in bankruptcy proceedings can be challenging, but selling your home during bankruptcy can be tough too. For that, it’s crucial to work with a BK specializing Realtor as myself. If you’re looking to list, you have to understand that once you file for bankruptcy, your home becomes part of the bankruptcy case. You can’t sell your home without approval from bankruptcy court. If you’ve filed Chapter 7, this approval is a must. If you’ve filed Chapter 13, it’s easier to sell your home, but it still requires approval from the trustee and proof that it’s a benefit to sell as well as there’s no financial harm to your lender. Understandably, a seller can have lots of questions and confusion during this process of filing a Motion to Sell Real Property with the bankruptcy court, working with court-appointed trustees, and dealing with different scenarios when the property is your primary vs investment home. You can’t have the blind leading the blind. Not only can I sell your home (or help you find one), but I have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this challenging and confusing process.

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bankruptcy sale

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Bankruptcy Sales