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Divorce is hard but having to sell a home because of it makes it even harder. Usually when a couple divorces, one of three scenarios can take place: One spouse buys out the other and keeps the home…one spouse keeps use of the home for a designated period, typically until the youngest child turns eighteen… or…the house is sold immediately and any equity is split in some manner. When the home is listed, it’s best to work with a Realtor experienced in such a niche, as myself. Combining a divorce with selling a home can be emotional, stressful, and trying. An experienced Realtor will have the know-how to communicate and guide both parties when they may not be getting along. Patience is required since communications must be repeated multiple times. Equal representation must be offered so that neither spouse feels favoritism is involved. An atmosphere of trust should be created so that both spouse know that a Realtor as myself has one main goal in such a listing…to sell the home for the most money possible, in the quickest time, and with the least amount of added stress.

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