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April Is The Best Time to List Your Home

Best time to listWhen is the best time to list your home? A report recently came out by that the best time to list a home in Los Angeles County is April 14th! Reason being:

  • Homes listed in the beginning of April receive more online views than homes listed at other times of the year. One statistic states that homes listed in the first week of April receive 14% more online views. This is huge as over 95% of home buyers in general, and 99% of millennials, search first online when house hunting. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), even 89% of older boomers and 77% of the silent generation search an online website when considering homes to look at.
  • Homes sold in April are further priced six percent higher than homes sold in January. This could mean that a home typically priced at $750,000 in the beginning of the year can actually price and sell for six percent more. At an increase of $45,000, it can sell for $795,000.
  • Homes listed in the beginning of April are also likely to sell six days faster than the average home sold at other times of the year.

In short, if you are considering listing your home this year, NOW is the time.

Besides the statistics above, why is this you may ask? Well, April is the start of spring and spring is the season just before summer. Given the time it takes between listing a home to closing, dramatically more buyers enter the market at this time to be able to have the time to find and close on a property.

In fact, if you are considering listing a larger, more expensive family home, I can’t stress enough how this is the time.
Families prefer to move over summer, when their kids are on summer break. Accordingly, they seek out larger homes, single family residences, in the beginning of April to be able to close their purchase transaction and move just in time for summer vacation.

There’s another a huge factor that plays in favor of sellers listing in April. Although strategically now is the time to list, most sellers don’t list until later. That means, with a housing market filled with ready and qualified buyers ready to move over summer, this is truly a seller’s market.

If all this isn’t enough, there’s one more thing I’d like to point out – Rates Are Down! If you have been following interest rates or watching the news, then you may have recently heard that mortgage rates have dropped more recently than any other period over a decade. With such plummeting rates, buying a home has become more affordable for buyers.

To take advantage of this historical moment, buyers are locking in their 30 year fixed rates and are more motivated than ever to purchase their home now before it expires.

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