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Benefits to upsizing for a home office

La Verne Office Space

Do you work from home or have you ever considered doing so? Time after time, productivity studies have revealed that setting up a home office not only decreases business costs, but it also increases productivity. In fact, an increase in entrepreneurs as well as individuals with work flexibility have turned down leasing office space to purchasing a larger home with the space for a home office. The reasons to upsizing for a home office are many, such as:

1) With interest rates so low, why rent office space when you can own and gain equity?

2) Similarly, rental rates are rising and many commercial tenants are obliged to switch out their space for more affordable ones. Why risk the need to move office locations if you have an opportunity to own a home office?

3) Getting ready for work and commuting back and forth to the office takes time. In fact, it can take two to three hours out of your day, if not more. However, working from home allows you to spend those hours working and be more productive as opposed to sitting in rush hour traffic.

4) Not only is it beneficial as an entrepreneur or employee to work from home, but if you’re a business owner with employees, you’ll have the ability to access and hire talent from all around the world.

5) Without the need to pay for office space, utilities, and other costs associated with having a brick and mortar space, you can reduce overhead costs and pass the savings to clients and/or reinvest in your business.

6) In addition to the above costs, you can save on gas, car wear and tear, and daycare if you have children.

7) Working from a home office can establish more focus as you’ll be less exposed to such distractions as co-workers popping their head over your cubicle at the most inopportune times to chit chat or feeling like you have offended anyone by closing your office door.

8) Unfortunately, office drama and politics are a given…more times than not; and with office drama comes a lack of focus and stress. Therefore, by working from home you can eliminate a great portion of this.

9) Office meetings can become more effective as you’ll look forward to reconnecting with the team, whether virtually or physically.

As you can see, working from home has many benefits. Whether it’s a larger kitchen, a den, a loft, or an additional room…upsizing your home to create an office space has shown to reduce costs, increase productivity, increase focus, reduce stress, and be a win-win situation for both employers and employees. If you’ve considered upsizing, first click to download your estimated home value and then click here to search available listings.