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Creating a relaxing and soothing home

Our lives are busier than ever, that many of us struggle to find a moment to relax. For that, it’s crucial… not only for our sanity but for our health…to live in a soothing and stress-free home. To achieve a harmonious and peaceful sanctuary, try these 7 tips:

1) Declutter – A disorganized and cluttered home can create a chaotic home. Clean up disordered areas, put away clothes and toys, clear off counter tops/tables/shelves, place items with like items, make the beds, and organize. Check out my article on “Declutter, Simplify, and Minimalize” for more tips.

2) Bring in the flowers and candles – Flowers and candles are soothing visually and aromatically as they calm and relax. Place them on your nightstand, in rooms, on the kitchen and bathroom sinks, on counters and tables, and anywhere else you want a touch of soothing romance.

3) Add more natural sunlight – Natural sunlight does wonders to one’s spirit. Go around and clear off any distractions around windows that block a room’s natural sunlight. Pull shades up. Pull curtains and drapes to the side. Trim trees blocking sunshine in. Clean windows. Go around and really place some energy on your windows to maximize the power of natural light shining in.

4) Go for natural colors – To create a relaxing ambiance, switch out bright colors with more natural tones such as tranquil blues, greens, greys, beiges, whites, and pastels. Consider painting walls, incorporating the colors in your linens, and adding them on accent pieces. For further tranquility, try going for a monochromatic decor.

5) Surround yourself with inspiration and happiness – From books to photos and wall art, place items around your home that motivate & inspire. These can include inspiring books, quotes, and memories from happy moments.

6) Add a layer of luxury – While decluttering is key to creating a soothing retreat, adding textures and layers of luxury can take it to the next level. For instance, add a few extra luxurious pillows to your couch and bed, layer on soft area rugs on the floor, and place throw blankets around the home.

7) Replace lights – Try placing lights on dimmers, changing out ordinary lighting with decorative light fixtures, and adding a bedside lamp for nighttime reading.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot to change the ambiance of your home. Decluttering, adding more natural sunlight and colors, surrounding yourself with inspiration, layering on luxurious linens and rugs, and replacing lights can go a long way to creating a soothing and relaxing home. As they say…make your home a sanctuary to relax, refresh, and renew.