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Easy Slow Cooker Recipies for Fall

Fall is the season to cozy up and eat a home cooked meal. But let’s be honest, when we’re working all day – whether outside of the home or at home taking care of the kids and all their responsibilities, finding the time to cook a home cooked meal isn’t always the easiest.

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Many of us have slow cookers (crockpots), but that can be a love hate relationship. We love them as they are easy “dump and go” kitchen tools. However, when the recipe calls for 15+ ingredients or it dish comes out mushy, then you’re standing back at the drawing board (or the kitchen table). That said, here are nine, 5-ingredients or less, crockpot/slow-cooker recipes!

  1. Thai Yellow Curry
    Chicken + Potatoes + Yellow Curry Paste + Coconut Milk + Chicken Broth = Thai Yellow Curry
    This is great served over rice or cauliflower rice. For the full recipe, click here.
  2. Taco Bake
    Soft Taco Tortillas + Lean Ground Chicken or Turkey + Red Enchilada Sauce + Shredded Cheese + Olives (Can sliced black olives) = Taco Bake
    This takes about 5 minutes to prep, can be made with gluten free tortillas, and a favorite dish for the entire family! Also goes great with a dollop of Greek Yogurt, light sour cream, guacamole, or avocado slices if you desire. For the full recipe, click here
  3. Steak Fajitas
    Sliced Beef + Bell Peppers + Onion + Salsa (or Diced Tomatoes) + Fajita Seasoning (homemade or straight out of the packet) = Steak Fajitas
    Served in a warm tortilla, over rice (or cauliflower rice), or even a lettuce wrap – this simple, 5 ingredient dish can be low-carb, Paleo, or Whole 30. For the full recipe, click here
  4.  Pineapple Salsa Chicken
    Chicken + Canned Pineapple + Canned Black Beans + Canned White Beans + Salsa = Pineapple Salsa Chicken
    Served great with tortilla chips and easily adaptable, this recipe has been highly rated. For the full recipe, click here
  5. Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
    Chicken + Jars of Creamy Alfredo Sauce + Broccoli Florets + Pasta + Black Pepper (optional) = Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
    Ok, I know my Italian heritage are probably frowning on me on this one, but when you’re tight on time and looking for a home cooked meal, a 5 ingredient slow cooker meal, as this, is the next best option. For the full recipe, click here
  6. Meatball Ravioli Casserole
    Frozen Cheese Ravioli + Jar of Pasta Sauce + Bag of Meatballs + Evaporated Milk + Italian Cheese = Meatball Ravioli Casserole
    Delicious and a wonderful freezer meal! For the full recipe, click here.
  7. Orange Chicken
    Chicken + BBQ Sauce + Orange Marmalade + Soy Sauce + Green Onions = Orange Chicken
    Served great over rice, side of veggies, or even in a lettuce wrap, this Orange Chicken recipe creates a tasty and alternative option to take out. For the full recipe, click here
  8. Chicken and Gravy
    Chicken + Packet of Onion Soup Mix + Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup = Chicken and Gravy
    Also great served over rice or with mashed potatoes, this crock pot dish is only 3 ingredients! Tasty and Cheap! For the full recipe, click here.
  9. Roasted Veggies
    Bell Peppers + Sweet Potato + Zucchini + Garlic + Salt (and/or herbs/seasonings of your choice) = Roasted Veggies
    Roasted veggies are always a great on hand dish to have, as they’re not only health and delicious as a side dish, but they’re filling! For the full recipe, click here.

On a side note, I came across a great tip when looking to meal plan, cook healthy, on budget, and for an entire family.

They suggested…

  1. Before planning any dishes, shop your kitchen (fridge and pantry) first.
  2. Since we should try using what we have first (to avoid having to throw out once perfectly good food that has now gone bad), use the items you have on hand as the basis of 3 to 4 meals you want to plan for the week. Note, although there are 7 days in a week, there’s no need to plan 7 dishes. If you plan enough, you can have leftovers a couple of those nights, and take-out or go out one night of the week.
  3. Next, look at your local ads for what’s on sale this week (there are many sites and apps that can help) and see how you can incorporate those items into your dishes (based on what you already have).
  4. Then, search for recipes, using the items you have on deck and any item you plan on purchasing based that’s on sale.
  5. Meal prep the dishes ahead of time, so the morning of – let’s say you’re going to use a slow cooker – all you have to do is dump the ingredients in, go about your day, and come home to a delicious home cooked meal!

There you have it! I think I’m going to hop off this blog and jump into the kitchen now. But as always, if you need any help listing or buying a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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