Halloween DecoratingCan you believe we’re already in October? Fall is upon us, although this heat wave may suggest otherwise. Halloween spirit has been creeping up, although the CoronaVirus (Covid19) pandemic has presented some obstacles. That said, although there is great comfort in creating a cozy ambiance (with a side of pumpkin spice) this season, as a Realtor … Halloween presents some interesting turns. (I’m going to keep the discussion of Haunted Houses for another blog.)

There is no question that Halloween brings fun and excitement…BUT…have you ever come across a home for sale with gruesome scenes of death and zombies? Depictions of blood, gore, and murder? Scary messages written in “blood” on the front door (i.e. “Do Not Enter”)? What about pumpkins that have started to rot? Have you ever smelled rotten pumpkins? And what about political statements – combined with scary Halloween décor? And let’s not forget the traditional clown or just those who go “above and beyond” with distracting scenes?

Again, don’t get me wrong … I love Halloween and I’m all for tasteful decorations! However, as a Realtor, there is a line that can be crossed which may hinder your ability to sell a home. Distracting, offensive, and/or scary Halloween decorations may discourage potential buyers from even looking at your property. Don’t risk it.

You don’t have to forgo the Halloween décor, but don’t spook and discourage potential buyers away – even before they had the opportunity to check-out your space. So, what can you do?
Well, think neutral (i.e. scarecrows, pumpkins, and hay bales) or think spooky, yet chic! A couple of ideas include:

1) Candy Accessories – Accessorize tables with clear jars or bowls filled with black and white candy (i.e. black and white M&M’s or jelly beans) or candy corn.

2) Black & White Pumpkins – Although pumpkins can dampen your listing if not kept fresh, fresh or even faux pumpkins can truly add a great Halloween touch. And…black and white pumpkins (or even the color combination alone) can be a great look for a chic and spooky vibe.

3) Black Candles – Black candles, whether you use candles in a jar or candle sticks, can exude classy, yet seduction. Additionally, black candles usually come in the scents of ebony wood, Douglas fir, and currants. Not only are these perfectly suited during the Fall and Halloween season, but they can be soothing to the scents (and not overbearing) during showings.

4) Metals – Year round, decorating with metallic accessories – imagine a mix of blacks, whites, and golds – can establish a timeless, yet modern and elegant look. Likewise, their touch of shimmer and drama can roll over to playing a great part in your Halloween decor.

5) Halloween Inspired & Black Prints – While I am recommending that you avoid all blood and gore “wall art” while listing your home during the Halloween season, using removable black wallpaper (maybe with a touch of glamour) and/or wall art (i.e. a print of a black cat) can create a chic, mysterious look.

In summary, the Halloween season brings a fun and exciting time to decorate in a “spooky” manner. However, if you are listing your home, elegance and natural is a better route to take in respect to your décor – to avoid discouraging any buyers from giving you’re a home a chance. Again, I’m not saying forego the Halloween décor, but…keep the creepy, classy.

As always, if you need any help listing or buying a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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