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Holiday Decorating While Selling Your Home

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Holiday Decorating While Selling Your Home – Many believe spring is the best time to list your home, however, if that was the case – that would mean that if you wait to list your home until spring, your listing will then have to compete with a lot more homes. If you list your home in the fall and/or winter seasons, on the other hand, then not only will your home have to compete with fewer listings, but you will be able to attract more serious buyers. Data suggests that home buyers house hunting in the fall and winter seasons are considered more serious buyers, as opposed to simply lookers.

Before you deck the halls, though, if you are going to list your home during this season, please consider these tips:

1) Declutter, clean, and stage) To improve your opportunity in selling your home faster and for more, you have to make it easier for your buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. If your property is cluttered, messy, and not very homey, then buyers will have a more difficult time imagining themselves in the property. Accordingly, before bringing out the holiday décor, declutter and clean your space. Not only will this look good to the eye during showings, online, and on marketing collateral … it will also make the space appear larger and more open – two preferred features among home buyers. After your home is decluttered and cleaned, stage it to appear cozy for the holidays. When doing so, nonetheless, do not pull out each and every holiday décor you own. Here, less is more. Accentuate your home’s best features. At the same time, avoid covering up important selling features such as fireplace mantles, windows with great views, and stairs.

2) Keep holiday décor neutral) Again, since it’s best to create a space where your buyers can imagine themselves living in the property, ideally you want to stay away from overtly family heirlooms (i.e. your child’s handmade ornaments) and religious pieces (i.e. a life-sized Nativity scene). While this may place a damper on your holiday spirit, just remember that this time next year, you’re most likely going to be celebrating the holidays in your NEW home – where you can go all out with special custom and religious pieces. Till then, however, decorate with scents as opposed to scenes. Use candles, exuding a cozy vibe. Add subtle touches of pinecones and a wreath. Avoid inflatable outdoor decors. Tone down the lights, while trying to emphasize your homes architecture. Replaces the choochkies and over the top holiday decors with classier, minimal pieces.

3) Choose just the right tree) If you have a two story home and/or cathedral ceilings, then a tall Christmas tree is a great way to showcase its height. If your home is smaller, though, a fat tree with a wide base may overwhelm the space, making it appear smaller than it is. For example, if your space is smaller, ideally, you’d want to opt for a skinnier tree with icicle lightings as opposed to bulky ornaments.

Hope these tips help if you are listing your home during the holiday seasons.

As always, if you need any help listing or buying a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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