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Home Office – Working from Home and Distance Learning

As schools and companies embrace online classes and remote working, buyers are driving demand for homes with designated offices / work spaces. In fact, George Ratiu, Senior Economist with, notes, “Homes featuring the term ‘office’ are selling nine days faster than the overall housing inventory.”

Although last month, per Think Google, telecommuting hit an all-time high  due to our dynamic times. As you can see on the graph below, working from home is not solely a result of today’s pandemic – the CoronaVirus (Covid19) crisis. Rather, while the number of individuals working from home was fairly steady from 1997 to 2004, it has been climbing since.Therefore, if you are selling a home, a great feature to highlight within your listing is your designated work space and / or home office. At the same time, point out what makes your work space / office great for productivity success (i.e. bright natural lighting to energize you through the day, windows to look out of and spark creativity, built-in bookshelves for abundance storage, and a secluded atmosphere for peace and quiet).

Ratiu also states: “For housing, the continued increase in the share of remote workers implies that demand for homes with offices or dedicated work spaces will continue to increase. The current coronavirus pandemic offers a dramatic indication of the fact that companies and employees will have to develop plans and clearer policies for remote work beyond the current crisis.”

Furthermore, today’s crisis will most likely teach businesses and schools that remote working and distance learning can be effective, allowing it to be more widely accepted. Not only may this help businesses reduce costs and employees and students to save on wasted transportation costs, but it can potentially allow individuals to live a more balanced lifestyle.

In other words, today’s challenge is laying the foundation for tomorrow’s norm – hence if you have a home office or designated work area, showcase it.

On the topics of working from home and distance learning, I want to share a couple of tips to help you increase your productivity – as it can be quite easy to get distracted with everyone home.

1) A messy space equals a messy head. Take time and tidy up your work area. Remove anything that does not offer value or add to your productivity, creativity, and / or motivation.

2) Start off your day with a strong mind, body, and soul. Squeeze in a workout and you’ll start your day already conquering a challenge.

3) Add structure to your day so that you know what to expect. Create a routine.

4) Create and implement a practical and doable to do list. As you check items off, celebrate your accomplishments. Also, note that not every item on your list is equal. Consider the 80/20 principal. 20% of the activities on your list will result in 80% of your results. Therefore, prioritize accordingly. For added productivity, schedule your tasks on your calendar.

5) We’ve probably all experienced that 3pm slug, therefore, do your most important tasks when you are most alert. At the same time, try blocking off time. For instance, consider how much time you waste during the day scrolling through social media or even maybe emails. Now, let’s say you wake up early and spend three dedicated hours in the morning on pure focused work. No social media. No distractions. No TV. If you have a house full of kids, perhaps when the family is asleep, how much can you get done during this block of time? I bet a lot!

6) Finally, on the topic of home offices and work spaces, create a designated work space, even if it’s from your bed. Have everything you need accessible to tackle your work.

As always, if you need any help listing or buying a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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