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How to Declutter Kids’ Toys

La Verne Realtor Shares How to Declutter The Kids’ Toys – Whether you’re spring cleaning, moving, staging, or just decluttering to clean-up, the kids’ toys can be an emotional rollercoaster. As parents, we want our kids happy and find lots of joy in bringing smiles to their face.

Society, as a whole, however, has been programmed with the “more is better” mentality. Well, having excessive toys isn’t necessarily better. In fact, the higher the piles of toys, the lower the opportunity to create quality playtime for your children.

Think about it…a lot of times, the kid’s bedroom or playroom is stuffed with bins and baskets of buried toys. Or, their cabinets and shelves are stacked with books and toys. But, how can your child easily access these things if they are buried in the bottom of a bin or stacked high on top of a shelf?

For kids to play and engage with toys, they must be able to see and access them. The more they have, however, the more toys that are lost among the chaos. Child development studies indicate cutting excess from a child’s life allows for better engagement, learning, focus, and reduced stress and anxiety.

As a Realtor who greatly has seen the power of staging, I know how hard it can be for children to let go of their toys. It can be difficult for parents as well. What do you keep? What do you let go of?

Experts suggest changing your perspective on toys. Kids learn through play and toys are their learning tools. Accordingly, we should provide the toys that are the best learning tools available.

Look at each of your child’s toys. Ask yourself, how does this item benefit my child?
Does it help them learn a new skill?
Does it offer an opportunity to be creative?
Does it help them burn off energy?
Or, does my child LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it?

As you consider which toys bring the most value and benefit for your child, look out for duplicates. For instance, how many tubs of slime does your child really need? Children have as much fun playing with one set of toys as they would with two or more. Duplicates can be found among dolls, toy cars, figurines, kitchen sets, board games, puzzles, electronics, coloring books, etc…

Additionally, take a week or so to observe your kids playing. What toys and activities do they enjoy the most? Do they like to draw and do crafts? Do they like to race cars? Play with dolls? Do they have a baby doll that they cannot part with? Take note of the toys they LOVE.

Now…when it comes to the actual decluttering, it’s best to get all their toys into one spot. That includes the mountain of toys in the living room, playroom, bedroom, hallways, even bathrooms. Get all their toys and categorize them. For instance, you may have an arts and crafts category, book category, doll category, hot wheels category, etc.

Then, as you go through each category, purge broken and outgrown items first. Next, look at what remains. Look at each item and either select which toys provide the most value for your child, or make it a game and have them pick their top favorite pieces from each category. If a particular category is not one considered as an “educational” or “valuable” tool, perhaps entice your child to eliminate that entire category in lieu of more toys from another.

Once you finish the purging, what you don’t throw away, you can donate, pass, or sell. If you are one to hold onto things, then perhaps you may want to stuff everything in your trunk right away and then next time you’re at a donation center, drop it all off in one clean sweep. This will help prevent you from delaying letting go.

In terms of the remaining toys, make sure you keep them accessible. Place them in hands reach, organized, with a place for everything. Again, if your child can’t see or access it, then it’s pretty useless to even have it.

Finally, I’d like to finish with two thoughts. One, kids follow by example. Therefore, as you look at your kid’s pile of toys, look at your items as well. Similarly, are you also holding onto excess that you no longer need? When we’re staging a home for a listing, one of the quickest ways to help increase attraction to a property is by increasing the visible storage space among the closet, cabinets, counters, etc… House hunters want storage in a home. And just like they’re turned off by excess clutter, I bet a little more space and organization well increase your happiness and peace of mind as well. Therefore, spend a weekend decluttering your belongs too (more on this on my past decluttering blog).

Second, holidays, birthdays, a new school year, and other such events create opportunities to bring in more toys and subsequently more clutter. Rather than buying and bringing in mindlessly, consider what you have learned through decluttering. Bring in only what will provide you value. Additionally, there’s the saying, “Collect memories and not things.” So, one alternative to bringing in more toys, is providing your child with more memories. That can be something as little as tickets to a movie theater, to a day at an amusement park, concert tickets, a trip, or funds towards a big item/memory that your child has been wishing for. Get creative.

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