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How to create a space to entertain at home?

Entertaining at homeThe holidays are upon us! If you love entertaining, then this blog is for you. As you probably have experienced, creating the purpose of your party, the theme, the menu, activities, and guest list can be exciting but stressful. Can you comfortably fit everyone in your home? Will it be a standing event or do you have enough seating? Is the atmosphere party ready or does it need some work? What about parking? Such thoughts may constantly run through your head. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “Create memories, not things”?

There’s so much truth to this simple message. The moments we make, spending time with family and friends, are priceless. Therefore, setting-up a home for entertaining, not only can increase your home’s value, but it can provide so much more than just a dollar value. 

So what are some key features for a home made for entertaining?

1) Open Floor Plan

While historically rooms were kept separated and tucked away from one another, the growing trend is having an open floor plan. Such a flexible layout is designed with a large open space at the heart of the home and flowing transitional space between the kitchen, living room, and dining room. The benefit of this for entertaining is that it provides lots of space for guests to mingle while not feeling isolated from one another.

2) Multiple Entertaining Areas

In addition to an open space, having the ability to set-up multiple entertaining areas in your home is quite beneficial. For example, if the main area is set-up for mingling, with music in the background or the game on the big screen, some guests may prefer a quieter space to simply lounge around and chat. Or, perhaps the kids need a separate space to run around at. As such, having the ability to set-up multiple spaces (i.e. a mingling area, a quiet lounge area, and/or a children’s area) is found highly effective for a party.

3) Dressed for Entertainment

When inviting guests to your home, you should strive to create a welcoming environment. One in which, your guests feel comfortable and right at home. To achieve this, step up your effort to clean up, declutter, and dress up your home in preparation. This is one reason storage is so important for a home, as it allows for storing the bulky furniture and holiday décor. Similarly, to establish a touch of festivities, consider adding some holiday/theme décor and/or music in the background. In terms of music, as you may already know, it has a powerful ability of putting together just the right atmosphere. Therefore, if you’re going to have music playing when entertaining guests, make sure your playlist is prepared and going upon your guests’ arrival. Luckily, with such resources as YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Pandora…you can simply choose a station and the appropriate playlist will be available for you.

4) Kitchen Island

As we know, everyone loves to gravitate towards the kitchen. Perhaps it’s because that’s where the food is…or perhaps that’s a sign of comfort. Either way, when you’re entertaining, it can get pretty crampy if everyone is circling in the kitchen. Having a kitchen island, however, is a great solution for entertaining as that it allows people to gather around the island and use it to place their cups on.

5) Organized Food and Beverage Stations

If your space allows for it, it’s best to create multiple food and beverage stations. Perhaps you can create a buffet style spread on the dining table and then add small appetizer and drink stations through-out the home.  Or, you can create a bar and allow guests to help themselves for beverages. Either way, I’d like to share a key tip…Stick with familiar foods. While it’s natural to feel like you have to go out of your way and try new and extravagant recipes when entertaining guests, it’s easy to forget the most important thing…your guests are here to have fun and spend time with you. Therefore, skip trying out the latest fancy recipe found on Pinterest. You’re not being graded on your cooking skills. Rather, pick familiar and simple meals, which allow you to finish cooking on time so you can spend more time with your guests.

6) Guest Bathroom

It’s human nature, guests will need potty breaks. Having a guest, half bathroom is ideal for entertaining. Guests can easily feel awkward or concerned that they may be violating your space if they have to use your main bathroom, where your shower and personal belongings are at sights eye. If you have a half bath, however, guests will know that the bathroom is meant for guests and therefore feel more welcomed. Side note, you’d be surprised how many underestimate the need of thoroughly cleaning their guest bathroom prior to an event. Your bathroom represents the one area of your home that your guests will and must have constant access to. As such, it is only fitting that you clear it of all personal belongings if it’s a full bath and/or de-personalize it if it’s a half bath. Again, nobody wants to see how fluffy your bathrobe is or if your toothpaste is squeezed from the wrong end. To create a luxurious guest bathroom for an event, it’s best to leave the bathroom area as bare and pristine as possible, while creating a spa-like ambiance with candles, flowers, nice hand towels, and/or elegant soap.

7) Space for Outdoor Entertainment

We live in sunny California. Accordingly, even during the holiday season we can jump into the pool for a soak. Therefore, if you have an outdoor space, don’t forget to leverage it. If you have a patio, you can add some string lights, a fireplace/fire pit, and some type of entertainment in the background (i.e. a television or surround sound). For a cozy touch, consider adding warm blankets and throws outside for guests to bundle under as they hangout and watch the stars.

8) Parking

If you’re throwing a large party, parking can be an issue and possibly a nuisance for your neighbors. Ideally, large and circular driveways are best for entertaining. If you’re driveway isn’t as such, and parking can be an issue, you may want to consider hiring a valet service for the event. The service can park guests’ cars in a safe, yet distant space.

There you have it. Entertaining guests at home can be tasking. However, as you watch it all come together, you may find it as incentive enough to do it all over again. On a final note, I’d like to share that a common mistake many hosts and hostesses make when entertaining at home is not spending enough time with guests. Understandably, many get tied up on the headaches of serving food, making sure everything is prepared properly, and running around like a mad man. Consequently, the guests are left to themselves. To address this, you should prep for the party ahead of time and try to keep things simple, as when it comes down to it, your guests aren’t there just for the food. They are in your home to spend time with you. Additionally, where is the fun, if you only invite one set of guests to your house? Say…only your neighbors or your work friends? The fun lies in the fact that your guests can make new connections from your get-together. It’s ok to mix it up and watch your guests break the ice and meet someone new.

If after reading this, you’re realizing your home may not be the best for entertaining, no worries, I’d be happy to help. If you need any help listing or buying a new home, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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