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2) Showcase Your Stage to Sell Home Via Professional Photography, Videography, and / or Virtual Showings

Given the importance of creating an online presence, it’s best to use a variety of tools to showcase your home. Professional quality photography is a great way to spark interest, however, at the end of the day, photos are still images of captured spaces. Interested home buyers want to see more and since we are at a time that many are trying to minimize face to face contact, buyers want to see the property in its entirety under current circumstances. Note: This is not to say face to face showings don’t exist, because they still do. For the healthy and safety of all, however, we are abiding the health recommendations of the CDC.

Professional videography is more interactive, as it takes buyers through a tour / video presentation of the home. However, videography tends to keep control of what the buyer sees in the hands of the videographer. Accordingly, virtual showings add an element that photographs and video don’t have, they allow buyers to control what they see and when they see it. A virtual tour allows a potential buyer to enter the property and look 360 degrees around. Are any one of these better than the other? Not necessarily. When marketing a home, it’s important to show case your listing to the greatest number of your targeted audience, as many times as possible, since each touch point adds an extra layer in which a potential buyer can take notice of your home. Furthermore, with advances in media, buyers will easily notice when a home’s photos/videos are done with lower quality. To many, an amateur production will look cheesy and unappealing when compared to a presentation of higher production. For instance, consider the lighting. Even the most beautiful space won’t look well on camera if it’s too dark. Hence, make sure you don’t slack in how you showcase your home.

3) Optimize Your Property’s Web Presence to Increase Traffic

To optimize a listing’s web presence and increase the online traffic to the listing, you should:

(1) List the item on a structurally optimized web page / site. Be careful, there are sites claiming to be SEO optimized, however, given the tricks and poor efforts they have placed on making Google believe they are “a high quality, optimized site,” Google is actually penalizing them. Google isn’t stupid. If the site appears as if it’s trying to pull a fast one, Google will de-rank them. Accordingly, make sure your listing is placed on a higher quality, trust worthy site.

(2) Share valuable content with appropriate keywords that your potential buyers can find through their online search efforts. Include keywords in the body of the page, title, heading, domain, images, alt tags, etc… Consider including a detailed description of the property (the more content on a site, the more valuable the page appears, and therefore the higher it ranks). Additionally, include other relevant keywords that buyers may search for (i.e. the name of the nearby schools, shopping centers, and/or community gathering areas).

(3) Present your online presence in such an appealing manner that it’ll entice your audience to share it. The more a web page / site is shared, the more valuable it appears to Google, and therefore, the higher it will rank.

(4) Take advantage of the many listing channels in existence. The key to marketing a listing is to show that your property is what your target audience is looking for; and therefore, your home is the solution to their home searching needs. As such, present your “solution” to as many targeted individuals as possible, by placing your listing on as many channels as possible that reach your targeted audience.

(5) While creating an optimized web page and pulling folks in is great, you also want to share your site out on email blasts, social media channels, postcards/mailers so that buyers actually go and click or copy/paste your website into the address bar.

Combining a holistic marketing approach is the best way to optimize your page and make sure your listing reaches the greatest number of targeted, potential buyers as possible. Also, take note that prior to a potential buyer being engaged in the property, they must first interact with the property – meaning that they not only look at the property description, but they reach out to learn more about it. And prior to interacting with the property, that usually requires having multiple “touchpoints” with the property. In other words, they may see the listing online, hear about it from another, glance at the listing, etc.

Each of these touchpoints can increase their awareness for the property, build a better impression about it, and increase the likelihood of interacting with it. Therefore, all the more important to strategize your marketing efforts in a manner where your targeted potential buyer can see your property repeatedly.

As a luxury real estate marketing expert, I’m always here and happy to help draw out the best marketing plan that can increase your online presence, increase your screen appeal, and grow traffic to your listing to help sell your home for more and in less time.

As always, if you need any help listing or buying a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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