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Model Home Decorating

Model Home Decorating
Have you ever looked at a model home and then your home and questioned ‘where did I go wrong?’ Contrary to belief, you can decorate your home like a model home and on a budget.

First thing first, many homes bear little resemblance to picture-perfect models due to CLUTTER! I bet we’ve all been there. We live in “real homes,” counters may have junk mail and kids homework assignments, dog toys can be found in the middle of the living room, and dishes can be laying in the sink. Model homes are clean and clutter free with pillows arranged intricately on the couch and fresh cut flowers in vases on the table.

If you’re looking for that model home look, then look at everything you own and minimize. Look at each item you own and ask yourself if you love it, use it, and would re-buy it today. If you answer no, then it’s just taking up space and you need to eliminate it. Then whatever remains, organize it and store it in such things as pretty baskets and ottomans.

After the home is clutter free…start with neutral paint on the walls such as a taupe color with white trimmings and then incorporate a color scheme by adding colors into perhaps an accent wall and accessories.

Add further life to walls by hanging window coverings and art that contrast with the wall colors.

When working with window coverings, make sure that you hang panels/curtains on the outside of the frame of the window so that it doesn’t block any light from coming in when the panels are open. Take advantage and leverage as much natural lighting as you can. Similarly, add height to the room by hanging panels/curtains from floor to ceiling.

Use mirrors to add dimension to your rooms. Hang mirrors either directly across or adjacent to windows. You can also add sparkle with reflective elements such as mirrored furniture, glass tiles, and shiny accessories.

But don’t go overboard with the accessories. The trick is to use fewer but larger accessories and grouped in colors.

And of course…don’t forget to bring the outside in by adding flowers and plants.

Model homes are gorgeous and attainable. Remove the clutter, start with a neutral foundation, and add color and accessories. It also doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to achieve. Take a look at what you already own and see how you can re-use or upcycle it to achieve the look you’re looking for and what ever additional items you need can be purchased at 2nd hand stores, discount stores, and/or online.