Planning a Halloween Party – It’s October and Halloween is quickly approaching. If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party this year, the tips below are for you!
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First off, there are many directions you can go with a Halloween Party (i.e. Mascaraed Party, Murder Mystery, Monsters & Martinis, Fright Night, Halloween Boo Bash, Monster Mash, Wicked Brew, BeWitching Soiree, All Hallows Gala, and/or Night of Mischief) – you get the idea. If, however, you tried to cram in all the elements you like from each theme into your party, your destined to create yourself a lot of work, with too many ideas, and a lack of cohesiveness. Boo…

Don’t get me wrong, you should draw inspiration in from the various themes you like, but it’s best to focus on a single theme and adjust the elements you are drawn to in a manner that is aligned with YOUR party’s theme.

Second, have fun with it. Do you remember the parties you attended as a child? Perhaps there were some games? Prizes? Treats? As adults, we get so sucked into this world’s fast paced, responsibility overflow, time limited hamster wheel – that we lose a bit of our childhood spirit. Halloween, however, is the time to re-spark some of that joy and excitement of when we were kids. Accordingly, when planning your Halloween party, don’t be scared to incorporate elements of a kid’s party to your adult party. The adults will love the games, some friendly competition, and even some Spooktacular treats and prizes.

Third, regardless of what direction you go with your theme, Halloween makes a great time to scare people. So think back to the haunted houses you’ve experienced (perhaps those you’ve seen trick-or-treating, at Knotts Scary Farm, and/or even on a horror film). What aspects scared you?

Try to add an element that whispers to each of your guests’ five senses: See, Hear, Touch, Smell, and Taste. When doing so, you can either go the fantasy/whimsical direction, OR try to keep everything as authentic as possible for an extra layer of fear. When possible, don’t forget to add elements of surprise! For instance…

Designing to the Sense of “See”: Perhaps you can take your party outside, add some tents, and create your own haunted house. Or, create a morgue or chop shop in the garage. For the kitchen, maybe extend the chop shop into it or go the “witch’s kitchen” route. In the living room, you can create a glamorously gothic setting (i.e. black and white décor with pops of passionate purple/plum, and black lace as the base). This can also be extended into the dining room. If your guests are planning on spending the night, maybe design a spooky, haunted, old hotel vibe for your guest bedroom and bath.

Designing to the Sense of “Hear”: The easiest way to cater to hear, outside of using a Halloween themed playlists, is adding noises/sounds. Maybe add the sound of a chainsaw or chains rattling in the garage. Or, add screaming or whispering noises cued by motion or time.

Designing to the Sense of “Touch”: When you think of touch for Halloween, you can think of slime (and what unknown mystery awaits inside), spider webs brushing against your skin, and the cold dew of fog (i.e. with a fog machine or dry ice) bringing you chills.

Designing to the Sense of “Smell”: Although it’s a Halloween party, I’m not suggesting incorporating the rancid smells of a decomposing body or chemicals such as Formaldehyde. Rather, you can add some of the more common scents available for the fall season, including Sandalwood, apple cider, plum, pumpkin, or cinnamon.

Designing to the Sense of “Taste”: One of the best parts of a party is always the food and drinks. To cater to the tastes, you can keep the foods tasty, but just change it its presentation. Pinterest is the go-to for Halloween Inspired Foods Perfect for a Party. A fun twist, not to mention the amount of time and costs it can help you save on, is to have a potluck. Share the party’s theme with your guests and ask them to each bring something that goes with the theme.

Not only will they love presenting their creations with others, but all the guests will love all the surprises they’ll see/taste!

There you have it. Hope these tips help you create a note-worthy Halloween Party, set to be the talk of the cemetery till next year. Final note: Focus, Plan, and Prepare! Focus on a niche. Plan it out. And prepare, not being afraid to delegate some of the tasks (i.e. making it a potluck).

Happy Early Halloween!

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