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Sell a home during Halloween

Why and how to sell a home during Halloween

It’s that time of year when we’re encouraged to add spooky zombies, goblins, black cats, witches, and graves into our home’s décor. The question is, however, how will a potential buyer take your property seriously, when you’re striving to create a scene from Hocus Pocus or The Conjuring?

No fear! When done strategically, by not scaring your buyers away, this is a perfect opportunity to not only attract serious buyers, but to pull more buyers in.

You see, Halloween is a season where families take time out of their schedule to drive through neighborhoods, looking at all the festive décor. It’s a night, where many children, their parents, and extended family and friends get together to walk up and down the neighborhood as they trick-or-treat. It’s a chance where you can have a great number of your neighbors and their circle walking up to your door, noticing your “For Sale” sign and your home’s exterior, curb appeal, and potentially the entryway.

In other words, Halloween is the season where you can easily raise awareness that your home is for sale. But how do go about it without frightening these folks away?

1) Decorate tastefully and respectfully for the season

Not everyone celebrates Halloween and not everyone likes scary things. Therefore, opt out of the idea of adding tombstones, morbid scenes, and blood splatters to your home’s exterior and instead focus on autumn décor. Think of incorporating pumpkins, fall wreaths, seasonal ornaments (i.e. leaves and candy corn), and even a scarecrow. In fact, you can even create an area where trick-or-treaters can take their photos…if your for-sale sign is popping up in the background, well…even better. Just remember, be classy with your décor as a home’s first impression matters and it can potentially increase your sales price by as much as 20%.

2) Hold a Halloween themed open house

While the month of October and Halloween night can increase the number of glances on your home’s exterior, why not increase the number of views inside as well? Lure families in with a Halloween themed open house. Again, stay away from the frightening decorations. You can set-up kid friendly activities such as a Halloween jumper, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, and a costume contest. You can provide treats. You can even section off a small portion of your home and create a haunted house (i.e. in the garage), while keeping the rest of your home neutral. Then, to raise awareness for the event, you can take advantage of social media channels, notify your followers, share with local groups, leverage the power of digital marketing, etc…

3) Offer special marketing materials

In addition to traditional marketing materials sharing your property’s information, you can take it up a notch and add a Halloween twist. You can create flyers or post-cards with treat recipes on one end and your property details on another. You can hand out treats on Halloween night (i.e. candy or small toys), with a small card attached, indicating your home is for sale. And as mentioned above, you can create photo opportunities on Halloween and during your open house with your home’s for-sale sign in the background.

As you can see, Halloween conjures up plenty of creative strategies to not only get your home seen by homebuyers, but to help you spread the word that your home is for sale to more serious and targeted buyers. To learn more about how you can go about selling your home for more and in less time during this Halloween season, please contact us.

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