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Simple, Elegant, Holiday Decorating With An Impact

Simple, Elegant, Holiday Decorating With An Impact – The Holiday season has arrived! With all the ideas on Pinterest, YouTube, and holiday decor on display at fancy department store windows, it’s quite easy to flood your mind with extravagant holiday decorating ideas. However, then reality kicks in. If life’s daily schedule isn’t hectic enough, we now have holiday parties, guests and entertaining, shopping, and more to get to as well! How do we decorate our homes, without becoming overwhelmed, and still making an impact? It’s easy, uncomplicate the process and focus on less is more!

1) “Rockin Around … the Christmas Tree”
Christmas Tree
If you’re going to put up a Christmas tree this year, then don’t stress about finding the “Perfect” artificial or real Christmas tree. You can spruce up any Christmas tree, regardless of size or how sparse it looks. First, is your tree a little too short for your liking? If so, make your tree appear taller by placing it on a platform. You can place it over boxes, bins, or on a table and then cover the boxes, bins, or table with your tree skirt, gifts, or gift wrapping paper. Second, Is your Christmas tree too sparse? IF so, fill in the empty spaces of your Christmas tree with garland, tinsel, pinecones, ribbon, wreaths, feathers, etc… Third, decorate. A couples ideas are: (1) Decorating with your traditional ornaments, creating an impact with sentimental meaning. (2) Decorating with a theme (i.e. a monochromatic color, winter wonderland, The Grinch, candyland, gingerbread man, farm house and buffalo print, luxury/Paris chic, Barbie, Boho, etc…). (3) Throw a DIY ornament party. This would be great with kids. Gather your loved ones, put on some holiday movies, and get together creating handmade ornaments for your tree. Pinterest and YouTube is filled with tutorials if you’re looking for some ideas. On a side note, don’t forget to leverage your gifts as décor. When wrapping presents, choose gift wrapping paper coordinating with your Christmas tree and or wrap a few empty boxes to spruce up your tree.

2) Sparkles and Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights can be so magical and offer a simple, yet powerful, décor piece. A few places you can add twinkle lights to are across your ceilings, up your staircase, or anywhere else you feel fit.

3) Place your energy on focal points in your home

You don’t need to decorate your entire home for the holidays. Rather, you can choose a single focal point, such as a mantel, table top, or book shelf. Then, add touches of holiday décor in this single spot. Perhaps add garland, wreath, candles, ornaments, holiday signs and pictures, etc…

4) Season’s Holiday Colors

This holiday, bold and metallic color combinations are quite stylish and trendy, as they help set a modern, energizing, and cozy mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment with dark hues (i.e. dark blues) and rust colored metallic pieces for a warm vibe.

5) Final Note, Gifting With Meaning

A final tip, which doesn’t necessarily apply to Christmas decorating, but it does apply to simplifying one of your holiday tasks. This year (or any year), as you’re trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your loved one, figure out what gifts would help them conquer their New Year’s resolution better (i.e. what gifts can help them lose weight, eat healthier, sleep more, make more money, be more organized, be more present, etc…)? Give a gift that can jump-start their new year strong.

There you have it. Happy Holidays!

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