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Tiny Homes, Short Lived. Large, Spacious Homes Welcomed With Open Arms

california tiny homesTiny homes, micro living quarters, converted sheds, and even tree-houses…we’ve been hearing a lot on social media and television about individuals, couples, and even families swapping out their spacious homes for tiny homes. However, while that may seem popular in areas such as Seattle, San Francisco, and New York, here in Southern California it’s a different story. In fact, this tiny home phenomenon is actually “short” lived. The fact is, many not only are choosing the ‘bigger is better’ option, but data is revealing that even millennials are opting out of the starter homes and jumping into buying their bigger homes from the start.

Grant it, at one point younger buyers preferred to save and buy a condo or townhouse before their big single family resident purchase, but this no longer is the case. In fact, Zillow has indicated that 56% of millennials prefer and find buying a larger home to be important.

This can be for a number of reasons. First, regardless of your political views, many find the world a chaotic place. Between politics, external factors, and stress from working, going to school, and just life, millennials have a need for a little more “control” in their life. And where are they going to gain that control? Well, according to Zillow and studies by sociologists, millennials feel they can control their home and what’s in it. Therefore, rather than settling for a transitional place, they are putting their everything into buying their dream home now.

Comically, many even wait to furnish these bigger homes until they find just the perfect pieces. So long gone are the days for settling for the low quality furniture and posters on the wall. More individuals are choosing to live in a large home with bare necessities until they find the ideal piece with character and which speaks to their soul. La Verne StarbucksWhen asked what they’re willing to pay premium price for in a home, it was found that home buyers prefer homes in great locations, near award-winning schools for their future kids and close to Starbucks for their caffeine fixes and mindful moments, as well as open floor plans to reflect modern lifestyles.

Does this sound familiar? Millennials (and home buyers) are looking for homes in our community, i.e. La Verne, San Dimas, Claremont, Upland, Glendora, Covina, etc… They are looking to purchase these homes and willing to pay the premium to take advantage of our great location, award-winning schools, proximity to Starbucks, and incredible layouts.  Curious how much your home is worth? Find out in a few minutes and receive a free comprehensive home report at Find My Home Worth.

On the topic of open layouts, designers are further confirming that those with older homes are not out of the ball park either. Homeowners are simply renovating and knocking down walls to create larger, open spaces. Formal dining rooms are no longer an interest. Casual living with a touch of modern elegance is what’s in and sought after. A layout with a separate kitchen, separate dining room, and separate television room is now being morphed into one large space. And as one millennials states on Zillow, “Now that I have the extra space, I understand it. I understand why people want to do it…I really don’t miss living in the condo, and I thought I would…I had felt so tense living downtown [in the condo, that] when we finally got to space and we could stretch and everything — a lot of that tension was alleviated.” ~Kruse.

Larger homes, open spaces, prime location with a private oasis, and even backyards under nature’s healing therapies all bring peace in a stressful world. For that, more and more individuals are opting to give up the tiny living quarters and seeking to buy up.

To learn more how much your home is worth, find out in a few minutes and receive a free comprehensive home report at Find My Home Worth. 

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