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What is feng shui and how to add it into your home

feng shui
In Chinese, feng shui means “wind water.” It’s the art of arranging your environment in a manner where the energy or “chi” flows smoothly throughout your home to support what you want out of life. Whether you are seeking improved health, a better career, new romance, or more income, feng shui is believed to achieve the “feel good” space to accomplish your goals.

Energy doesn’t always freely flow through one’s home. Flow, for example, can be stagnant when your home is cluttered. It can be obstructed when energy is blocked by walls, trees, or even cars in the wrong place. It can also move quickly through long dark hallways or straight shots in the home. So what happens when energy isn’t flowing properly? Well, it is said that such unbalanced chi can result in ill health, family stress, or financial concerns. Feng shui adjustments, however, can help make sure the chi is flowing just right. To help you get started, here are 7 feng shui house tips perfect for beginners.

1) Clear the clutter for good feng shui in your home
As mentioned above, clutter can create stagnant energy. Eliminating clutter and only keeping what you love and find valuable, though, will help “lighten the load” and establish a harmonious environment.

2) Identify your Bagua
The Bagua is the feng shui energy map of your home. When placed over your home’s or room’s floor plan, it will reveal various areas of energy. These may include:

  1. Career in the north region
  2. Helpful people in the northwest region
  3. Creativity in the west region
  4. Love and marriage in the south west region
  5. Fame in the south region
  6. Money in the south east region
  7. Health in the east region
  8. Spiritual growth in the northeast region

By applying the map and rearranging the areas of your home connected to each of these regions, you can bring good energy, chi, to these corresponding areas of your life. To take it up a notch, you should also learn more about and apply feng shui’s 5 elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

3) Design a welcoming main entry
You can strengthen and channel the incoming feng shui energy in your home by creating a welcoming entryway. When you walk in, what’s the first thing you see? Where does your attention move to? For good feng shui, make sure nothing is blocking the energy, and the energy is channeled all through the rooms, particularly to the kitchen and bedrooms.

4) Maximize good air and quality light
Two essential elements for good chi are good quality air and light. Accordingly, improve the air circulation in your home by opening up the windows and/or adding air-purifying plants. Plants not only filter the air, creating a healthy, clean environment, but they are a life force. Not all plants are created equal though. Cactus, for instance, are considered bad feng shui since they lack the need for water (water is like wealth) and their spikes are considered unfriendly. In terms of natural lighting, add more into your home by eliminating elements blocking the sun when possible and opting for full-spectrum lighting.

5) Focus on the Feng Shui trinity
The bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are considered the main energy centers of the home. Therefore, the quality of feng shui in your home is dependent on the strength of feng shui in these rooms. If you are going to start on any room, start with one of these three.

6) Add color
Color plays a great role in feng shui and can be added via paint, accessories, and wall art. In terms of what each color activates, a general rule is as follows:

  • Red) Wealth and luck
  • Orange) Fun and happiness
  • Yellow) Mental stimulation and power
  • Green) Peace, healing, and balance
  • Blue) Calmness, communication, and spirituality
  • Purple) Wealth and great spirituality
  • White) Purity and cleansing
  • Black) Power
  • Brown) Nurturing

7) Bring the Yin to the Yang
Feng shui believes everything is comprised of two opposing forces: the yin (feminine force) and the yang (masculine force). For instance, there is night and day, and dark and light. Each balances the other and therefore should be applied when decorating.

There you have it. There’s much more that goes into the art of feng shui, however, these tips should be a good start to help bring more chi into your home and life.

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