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What’s the best time to list your home for sale?

When to list home for sale
Have you ever wondered what day is the best to list your house? Would it really make a difference? How about time? Season? Well…Thursday mornings have been considered as the best day and time to list your home. Take it one step further and list your home for sale on a Thursday morning in spring and your listing will be fire…according to conventional wisdom.

The idea is this, Realtors tend to plan their weekend showings on Thursdays. Therefore, the earlier you list your home on this particular day, the more Realtors who will see it at zero days on the market. Why is that important? The fewer days a property is on the market, the larger the opportunity to attract a full-price offer.

Similarly, Fridays are the end of the workweek for many. Many tend to be happier, more positive, more energetic, and with more vitality on this day and lasting through the weekend. As a result, home buyers tend to be more proactive with their search.

And by Saturday, the most important day of the real estate week and the most showings, the property will only be at two days on the market. In addition, considering your home doesn’t sell on Saturday, the following Saturday will still only show nine days on the market, a psychological benefit as it remains a single-digit number for house hunters.

How does spring come into play? Spring is a great time to sell as there are many buyers house hunting. During this period, buyers usually have received their tax refunds, year-end bonuses are usually issued, and in a couple of months their kids will be out of school. Hence, they’re looking to buy.

On a side note, if you are thinking of listing your home, please let me know as soon as possible. Prep work is required prior to listing. While we can list on a Thursday morning, we should prepare the listing strategically first.

A final thought…according to conventional wisdom, what’s the worst day to list your house for sale? Sundays. Sunday listings have to sit around for a few days before people start scheduling their home tours and by that time, a Sunday listing can appear more stale compared to a newer listing (i.e. a Thursday listing).

Happy Scheduling!