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La Verne Realtor Shares How To Create a Home to Lose Weight In – 2 Part Series – Part 1

home workout la verneIt’s a New Year and an opportunity for a New You! If you’re like the many, while you may not have said “My 2019 new year’s resolution is to work out more and eat right,” subconsciously, you may be striving for such. I mean, who doesn’t want (or should want) to live a healthy and active lifestyle? As they say, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” So, whether it’s the start of a new year or the end of one, remember, each day, each moment, is a chance to become stronger, eat better, live healthier, and just be the best version of yourself.

Now, while I’m not a professional personal trainer or dietician, I am a professional realtor with a passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle. Accordingly, I can vouch that if your home isn’t set-up to help you reach your goals, it can surely hinder them. If your home is filled with chaos, clutter, temptations for poor health decisions, then you can easily fall off plan from reaching your weight loss goals.

Accordingly, to help you reach your fitness goals, I’ve gathered the best tips for the greatest results on how to work out and pursue your health and fitness goals directly from YOUR HOME. Here we go…

1) Create a stress-free and decluttered home – Did you know clutter can lead to weight gain? In fact, research indicates that 77% of those struggling with clutter also struggle with being overweight and obese. Reason being, as you’ve seen in my previous blogs, clutter causes stress.  Stress, in turn, stimulates the body to produce cortisol (a steroid hormone making you crave sugary foods to produce instant energy and pleasure), as well as betatrophin (a protein that blocks an enzyme that breaks down body fat). In other words, stress causes you to crave junk, hinders the body from breaking down fats, and consequently leads to increased belly fat. To add further salt to injury, clutter can lead to a cluttered mind and feeling overwhelmed, both of which encourages overeating or resorting to unhealthy foods. The first step to setting your home up for success, then is…decluttering your home.

2) Set your bedroom up as a relaxing sanctuary – When you’re lacking in sleep, your ghrelin and leptin hormones are thrown off. Ghrelin is the hormone that makes you feel hungry. Leptin is the hormone that makes you feel full. When you’re not getting enough sleep, your ghrelin (hunger hormone) increases and your leptin (feeling full hormone) decreases. Therefore, your bedroom must be more than just a place to crash at nights, it must be a place without distractions and chaos. Start with removing all the clutter and work stations from your room. When you’re in your room, you want to relax so you can get the 8 hours of sleep needed (you physically may be able to survive with a couple of hours of sleep a night, but your hormones will treat it otherwise and your scale can show it too). Next, focus on creating a luxurious, comfortable bed. Start with a quality mattress offering proper support. Then, pile on layers of comfort so you can peel off or add the blanket, comforter, sheet, etc…based on how hot or cold you feel. Afterwards, decorate with neutral and natural in mind. Try utilizing soft, tranquil colors with natural elements (i.e. plants, farmhouse style wood, organic textiles, etc…). Additionally, incorporate your senses. Remove any distracting electronics and lights, and add soothing aromas (i.e. vanilla, rose, lavender, or jasmine fragrances in candles and diffusors). Finally, I think one of the most helpful tools for creating a relaxing bedroom is a notebook, planner, bullet journal, or anything on your side table where you can “brain dump.” You see, many have a hard time sleeping because either they’ve got stress on their mind or ideas they want to jump on the next day. So, rather than struggle with these on your mind, clear it by jotting it all down on paper. This has shown to be a therapeutic and productive technique for many – time after time.

3) Consider the toxins – Obesogens and parabens are two forms of toxins lingering in your home that may aid in causing you to gain weight and/or challenge you from reaching your goals. First, obesogens are artificial chemicals under the endocrine category (chemicals that interfere with your hormones). These are shown to contribute to obesity. Unfortunately, they’re found in your beauty products, toys, plastics, cookware, baby bottles, and more. According to research, when these chemicals enter your body, they disrupt normal functioning and promote weight gain. Although nearly two dozen chemicals have been identified as obesogens, the following are most typically found in a home: 1) Bisphenol-A (BPA) (found in plastics and canned foods); 2) Phthalates (found in plastics as they’re chemicals used to make plastics soft and flexible); 3) Atrazine (common herbicide); 4) Organotins (Artificial chemicals, including tributyltin (TBT), used for various industrial purposes); and 5) Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) (found in non-stick cookware). Second, you should consider the consequences of parabens, preservatives used to prevent excess bacteria and increase the shelf life of 75 to 90% of beauty and hygiene products. When such products are used, these toxins are absorbed by the skin and directly enter your blood stream and body organs. They have been shown to cause weight gain and loss of muscle mass. While a product may not show “paraben” as an ingredient, look out for such alternative names as methylparaben, propylparaben and ethylparaben. Again, this tip isn’t to scare you, but rather for you to consider what toxins are brought into your home and to research the impact that it can cause on your health and fitness goals.


And as always, if you need any help listing or buying a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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