Buying and selling real estate can involve lots of emotions, now add divorce to the mix, and you’re experiencing an entirely different level of challenges. Quite likely, you and your ex are going through an emotional and trying period of your life. The home you worked so hard for and built many memories in, is now in the middle of a custody battle. Your belongings are your belongings, but they have to be separated. Your home was your home, but now it’s being sold. Understandably, there can be anger, sadness, and stress…and it’s ok and expected.

You’ll probably be sensitive and that again is expected. Hearing the wrong word or phrase at the wrong time can really bring a person down.

When dealing with a real estate transaction during divorce, know that it’s okay to meet with your Realtor separately. This is an emotional time and if remaining separate during this time will help alleviate some of the pressure and stress, and then by all means…speak to and meet with your Realtor separately.

Similarly, when deciding on a Realtor, make sure you’re working with a neutral third party. You shouldn’t feel as if your Realtor is taking sides. Likewise, both you and your ex will probably vent to your agent and it’s okay… your agent should listen. Plus, venting and talking about what’s weighing you heavily down sometimes is the best medicine.

In addition to working with a Realtor who is neutral and supportive, he/she should guide you and help bring clarity. In most relationships, one party is better at certain topics while the other party is better at others. For instance, one party may be better at finance while the other will be better on personal matters. When going through divorce, all of it falls on you. You each have to deal with the finance and personal matters. As such, make sure your Realtor clearly explains all aspects to both you and your ex. It may double their work, but when working with a Realtor experienced in Divorce transactions, then this is customary.

Divorce isn’t easy. Selling your home due to a divorce can even be harder. But at the end, this is a new start to your new life. “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”